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10 Hidden Sources of GMOs



At the end of May, 2014 California’s Senate Bill 1381 was rejected by just two votes.  Had the bill passed, it would mean that foods containing GMO ingredients would need to be labelled.
In 2012 a similar bill was defeated with an obscene amount of  money from Monsanto and other food giants thrown in to help defeat the supporters of GMO labeling.
Since consumers are now still left in the dark, let’s look at 10 food items in your grocery aisles that has hidden sources of GMOs.

10 Hidden Sources of GMOs

1. Nutrition Bars
Although nutrition bars are good alternatives to candy bars, many  contain soy or corn, and GMO sugar.  If it is sugar-free, then the aspartame used may be derived from GMO corn and/or canola.

2. Condiments
Many bottled salad dressings and mayonnaise contain GMO soy, cottonseed, or canola oil.  Ketchups usually have high-fructose corn syrup, or GMO sugar.  Chutneys and barbecue sauces are also
suspect as many of them rely on the same GMO sweeteners as ketchups.

3. Papayas
When most people eat papayas that come from Hawaii, they usually think that because it came from “paradise”, it is good and healthy.  Sorry to burst that bubble!
Most Hawaiian papayas are from GMO crops.
(Red papayas from Mexico and the Caribbean are non-GMO.)

4. Crackers & Cookies
Unless the box states that all the ingredients are organic, then GMOs are in there; most often from soybean oil, and high-fructose corn syrup, and beet sugar.

5. Cheeses
Many commercial dairy products contain GMOs, including cheeses. When they are made from milk sourced from conventionally raised animals; the feed, and artifical hormones (rBGH or rBST) given to the cows contain GMOs.

6. Chocolate
This beloved and addictive food usually contains GMO corn or corn sweeteners, and flavorings.  Lecithin, which is added as an emulsifier, is most likely derived from GMO corn.
Dairy in chocolate bars are also often made from milk that is GMO tainted.
(One of my favorite is an organic 75% cacao dark chocolate bar from Fearless Chocolate.)

7. Protein powders and shakes
Protein is good, and has become very popular for athletes and others wanting to build muscle and maintain lean body weight, however, many protein powders are made from GMO whey, or soy protein isolates. (Look for organic/non-GMO versions  from grass-fed cows, rice, peas, or hemp.)

8. Cereals
Boxed cereals are probably one of the worse foods for breakfast, due to heavy processing of grains. On top of that, cereals typically contain soy, corn, and sweeteners derived from GMO crops.
The milk that is poured over you bowl of “snap, crackle, and pop” may also contain GMOs through the feed given to cows and artificial hormones.

9. Cooking Oils
Soybean, corn, cottonseed, canola, and other vegetable oils are almost always made from GMOs.
(Health cooking oils to use include Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil , ghee, and organic butter.)

10. Zucchini and Yellow Squash

Even these iconic summer vegetables have not escaped the mad GMO experiment.  Since they don’t come in a box, and look like healthy whole foods, it is perhaps the most insidious of the 10 mentioned here.
(Avoid non-organic versions. And if the squash has a sticker code that begins with “8”, then it is definitely GMO.)

Look for this label if you want to avoid GMOs:






For love of non-GMO foods and friends,



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