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K_Diggs_BCHello Everyone!

Welcome to Kareniscooking!  This blog is created and maintained by Karen Wang Diggs, Certified Nutrition Consultant & Therapeutic Chef.

After graduating from the California Culinary Academy, Karen got on a jet and flew off to Hong Kong.  There, she worked as a chef for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and also helped to open two eateries in that magnificent city of 7 million people (crowded into 426 square miles).

In 2004, while washing dishes in her kitchen, Karen had an epiphany!  The epiphany went something  like this: “Wow, maybe it’s good to combine cooking with nutrition?!”  After all, didn’t someone from long ago say ” Let food by thy medicine and medicine by thy food”?  (It was Hippocrates who said that, by the way.)

So, Karen went back to school and obtained her certification as a Nutrition Consultant in 2006 from Bauman College. Now, Karen merges her deep and innate culinary skills with her knowledge of holistic nutrition to help individuals achieve optimal health through detoxification and weight loss workshops, therapeutic cooking classes, and private nutrition consultations.

Karen Diggs, CNC is a member of the National Association of  Nutrition Professionals.

She lives by the simple motto: “Eat Right, Be Well.”

“Our most intimate and profound connection with Nature is through the foods we eat. ” ~ Karen

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