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Breakfast outside the Box

By the box, I mean the cereal box…

How many of you wake up tired and stressed and mindlessly shake out some cereal into a bowl  (while yawning), pour low-fat milk over and chow it down in 60 seconds, with a cup of coffee and head out the door?  If that is you, then you are setting yourself for a blood sugar roller coaster ride for the rest of the day which leads to cravings, energy spikes and  crashes, increased appetite, mood swings, and brain fog.
What to do??!!

Well, try the following suggestions for breakfast and feel the difference!!!

No time to prepare breakfast?   Read the end of this post to find out why a protein based breakfast is really the most important meal of the day if you want to have sustained energy, balance your blood sugar (thus staying away from diabetes, and other chronic diseases), have optimal concentration, and lose weight.  It’s all a matter of priority.  So if being sluggish, having cravings for junk food, suffering from mood swings, and struggling with the inability to lose weight are things that you enjoy;  then you can stop right here.  But if you want to be healthy and happy with lots of verve and vigor, then read on.

So, what  is a good breakfast for that provides satisfaction & nourishment?
Feed your eyes and your hunger on the  two enticing recipes that follow,  (one for omnivores, one for herbivores) and start your day the right way!

A Good Breakfast ~ photo by Karen Diggs

Breakfast #1

Bacon & Cabbage Mix
with Soft Boiled Egg

1 strip bacon
2 cups sliced cabbage
1/4 cup onion
sea salt & fresh ground pepper
1- 2 eggs, soft boiled

Cut bacon into small pieces.
Simply heat up a pan and toss bacon pieces in.  Cook for one minute.

Then add in the sliced onion and cabbage . Cook until tender. Season with salt & pepper.  You can also spice it up by adding cayenne pepper, or other herbs such as thyme or sage.  Be creative!

bacon with cabbage


Serve with one or two soft boiled, or scrambled eggs.

Instead of coffee, enjoy a cup of black tea with coconut milk.

Download a copy of this recipe for your personal file.

Breakfast #2

Amazing Amaranth Pudding

Amazing Amaranth Pudding ~ photo by K. Diggs

Ingredients: serves 2 – 3

1 cup amaranth, whole grains
3 ½ cups filtered water
Pinch of sea salt
¼ cup coconut milk, or 1/3 cup yogurt
¼ cup almonds, or walnuts, lightly chopped
¼ tsp. cinnamon
1 Tbsp. maple syrup

Place first three ingredients in a pot and bring water to boil.  Lower heat to a simmer(stir occasionally) and cook amaranth until thickened and soft (about 20 minutes).  Add more water if it becomes too thick.

Spoon into serving bowls and top with yogurt or coconut milk, nuts, and maple syrup.

Amaranth is an ancient grain used by the Aztecs, who believed that these tiny seeds contain magical powers.  Well, amaranth is rather special in that it has the highest amount of lysine (an important amino acid) and also out shines other cereal grains in protein content.  In fact, just 150 grams of amaranth supplies the daily minimal requirement for protein in adults. (Please note that individual’s requirements may vary, depending on level of activity and state of health.)

Download a copy of this recipe for your personal file.

Now, here are a few compelling reasons why a protein-based breakfast is so, so, so important:

  • Energy: After fasting for 8 – 9 hours (sleeping), your body needs fuel; therefore, you need to “break the fast” and have breakfast!  Your blood sugar is low, and if you rely on caffeine and a donut as the source of energy, you will set yourself up to crash within a couple of hours.  This dip in blood sugar will trigger you to want more caffeine and sugar…..and you run out to get a latté and candy bar….and you are starving at lunch!….and, well; by 3 PM you are ready to fall asleep….
    The solution to blood sugar imbalance is to have a protein rich breakfast within an hour of waking.
  • Weight Loss: Do you skip breakfast in an attempt to lose weight?  Well, studies have shown a strong link between skipping breakfast and obesity.  People who skip breakfast tend to eat more throughout the day and actually accumulate more body fat than people who start the day with breakfast.
  • Your Brain: By concentrating on having good quality protein, complex carbohydrate, and good fats at breakfast will supply your brain with a steady flow of glucose that will improve your cognitive function by enhancing problem solving abilities and memory retention.
  • Your Heart: Eating breakfast smooths out the blood sugar and insulin roller coaster and can help reduce levels of harmful LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.  It can also reduce your chances of developing  Type 2 diabetes.

So, greet the day with breakfast and enjoy a healthy body and mind!
And stay tuned for more breakfast recipes in the very near future.

for love of food and friends,




“Total Body Tune-Up” by Michael Murray, N.D.

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